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  • Global Sourcing

    With our specialized support for OEMs, CMs, government, repair shop and other clients, procuring aviation parts has never been this easy. Our Quality Control team is working hard to ensure the quality of all the parts we are selling. We only sell new and original parts with manufacturer COC and we provide 30 days warranty. Our inventory is maintained to the highest standards in our controlled environment warehousing facility.

  • Electrical Engineering Tech Support

    Within 24 hours our friendly and knowledgeable tech support team will help you locate the datasheet or other specification you are looking for.

  • Alternative Part Number Research

    Browse or search our parts catalog system, submit your RFQ to our system, or simply send a message on the left of this screen. Within 24 hours our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will contact you with a price saving you at least 20% than your normal suppliers.


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